Photos from Bloody Slippers!

Bloody Slippers by Kristin Hendricks is a Cozy favorite–Joe and Ross first played it in LA with the author and we’ve been trying to get a group together to play ever since! Joe ran it in Alhambra last week!

Bloody Slippers is a two-hour dark fairy tale game. The game itself is played over the course of an evening at a royal ball, and dancing is part of the mechanic. Each dance, a player is paired with a single partner and you dance and talk only with them. At the end of the dance, you exchange gifts with each other. All players dance eight waltzes over the course of the game (with breaks in between).

To spice things up a bit, Joe used color-changing bulbs to adjust the lighting. The ballroom was deep purple for most of the game, and the “magic forest” (which players can wander into when they don’t have a dance partner) was colored bright green.

The characters are pre-cast: three princesses (the eldest of twelve sisters), their father the king (a widower), a foreign lord who is the guest of the court (who broke the curse), and two other mysterious visitors.

It’s also a great excuse to dress up super fancy! The costuming and lighting look absolutely superb and everyone says it was great fun!



Betty on Backstory!

Cozy Organizer Betty Bong has been busy playing and running larps across the US and around the world since our event in LA.

Recently, she was featured on the acclaimed podcast, Backstory, hosted by noted game designer and reporter, Alex Roberts!

In the interview, Betty discusses her latest larp (co-written and organized with Susan Bin), Empresses in the Palace! The larp is inspired by the TV series EMPRESSES IN THE PALACE (2011) and other Chinese harem-focused dramas. The first two playtests were in Boston–hopefully more drama will be coming to other cities soon!

Betty also discusses her experiences playing and running larps in Shanghai and Hong Kong, and about some of the things she learned running larps in non-Western countries. Her insight on designing for people with different cultural frames is especially insightful!

Finally, she gives Cozy a great shout-out at the end! We are all so excited to keep designing and running larps in Los Angeles, US, and around the world!



Cozy at Strategicon!

Quite a few Cozy organizers and friends made it out to Gamex 2018, one of Strategicon’s 3 yearly conventions in Los Angeles!

Ross, Joe, and Rob all ran original works, along with the Drinklings from our friends in the UK and Sweden!

A recap:

  • The Drinklings, by Anna-Karin Linder and Mo Holkar, a lighthearted larp about a group of scholars and fantasy writers who meet up in a pub. This larp is played at a bar! (Facilitated by Ross Cheung.) Find the script here.
  • Ragnarok and Roll, by Rob Prag, an action packed boffer larp where Vikings are pitted against modern soldiers! This larp was fast paced, exciting, and highly regarded by all players!
  • The Gate of Light and Shadow, by Joe Landolph. Joe is well known for his incorporation of co-creative improvised ritual into larp, and this experience is no exception! Players embodied spirits fleeing a dying realm and causing mayhem in the corporeal plane.
  • Graduate School, by Ross Cheung. Ross draws inspiration from his time getting a PhD in a STEM field, showing the con-goers a week in the life of a group of graduate students and their triumphs and pitfalls, from group meeting to happy hour.

What do we call larp?

LARP? Larp? Live action roleplay? What term should we use for our beloved shared hobby? Never fear, the organizers of CozyLarpLA have made a handy alignment chart to help! (Note: cozy organizers use and have used all of these terms for larp at some point or another.)cozylarpmeme

Pictures from Cozy: Just for Fun!

Even though the organizers ended up very tired, we were certainly happy. We hope everyone had as good a time as we did!

We are looking forward to organizing more Cozy events in the future, so follow our wordpress to get updates!



Pictures from A Wolf by Any Other Name

We had such a great time playing A Wolf by Any Other Name, a lighthearted party larp written by Maury Brown and Ben Morrow, based on the world of New World Magischola. With improvised rituals, intrigue, and a touch of anti-capitalist revolution, a good time was had by all.

Pictures from the Aeneid

We ran the Aeneid: Journey to the Underworld, a quiet larp based on the characters and themes of Vergil’s Aeneid written by cozy community member Rebecca Roycroft. We got some strange looks for running rituals in the front yard but at least we got this picture!

Photo Apr 01, 5 25 14 PM

Pictures from Inheritance

We had a great run of Inheritance, a larp about a family of Vikings and the tensions between old ways and new by Luke Crane. This larp also produced a wealth of action packed pictures with a banquet, a duel, and several rituals!

Pictures From Play the Cards

We had a small but spirited run of Play the Cards, a larp that can be found in the Larps from the Factory book! This larp was written by Tyra Larsdatter Grasmo, Frida Sofie Jansen, Katrin Førde, and Trine Lise Lindahl; it is about high school cliques and the power structures within them! We may have gotten a noise complaint from the neighbors at one point, but that just made the whole experience more immersive!


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