Cozy at Strategicon!

Quite a few Cozy organizers and friends made it out to Gamex 2018, one of Strategicon’s 3 yearly conventions in Los Angeles!

Ross, Joe, and Rob all ran original works, along with the Drinklings from our friends in the UK and Sweden!

A recap:

  • The Drinklings, by Anna-Karin Linder and Mo Holkar, a lighthearted larp about a group of scholars and fantasy writers who meet up in a pub. This larp is played at a bar! (Facilitated by Ross Cheung.) Find the script here.
  • Ragnarok and Roll, by Rob Prag, an action packed boffer larp where Vikings are pitted against modern soldiers! This larp was fast paced, exciting, and highly regarded by all players!
  • The Gate of Light and Shadow, by Joe Landolph. Joe is well known for his incorporation of co-creative improvised ritual into larp, and this experience is no exception! Players embodied spirits fleeing a dying realm and causing mayhem in the corporeal plane.
  • Graduate School, by Ross Cheung. Ross draws inspiration from his time getting a PhD in a STEM field, showing the con-goers a week in the life of a group of graduate students and their triumphs and pitfalls, from group meeting to happy hour.

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